AIADMK Bats for Tamil Anthem at TN Assembly

The main opposition party AIADMK on Tuesday appealed to the Tamil Nadu Assembly government to consider whether the daily debates in the House could be started after the interpretation of “Tamil Thai Vazhthu”, an invocation to the Tamil mother and the official state song.

Following the response of the Minister of Tamil Language and Culture, Thangam Thennarasu to the debate on the request for grants to his department, the Deputy Head of AIADMK, O Panneerselvam highlighted the Minister’s address which highlighted light the antiquity of the Tamil language and how its special features like the ‘in’ (a distinctive sound represented by a consonant) continues to be present to this day through the ages and the unique letter of the language ‘zha’. Panneerselvam referred to the usual practice of House business beginning daily after a verse of “Tirukkural” was recited by the Speaker. Later, he appealed to the government to also consider whether the daily proceedings of the House could be started after the performance of “Tamil Thai Vazhthu”, the official state song sung in praise of the Tamil mother.

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