Ahead of Goa Polls, Shiv Sena Calls BJP a True “Beef Party” and Will Present Candidates in 22 Seats | Bombay News


Shiv Sena has decided to face the ruling Bharatiya Janata (BJP) party in Goa in assembly polls next year and will field candidates for 22 seats in the state. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said the party would bring the BJP government’s failure and “policy of lies” to the people. Sena spokesman Saamana criticized the BJP for the slaughter of cows in Goa, saying it was the “real beef festival”.

Raut, who is on a two-day visit to the state, attacked the BJP saying the party had been running an anti-casino campaign in Goa, but now supports it the most. He also said that many villages and tourist sites in the state were under the influence of drugs and narcotics.

“Daily, the government of Goa invents a new lie. Goa is a huge tourist destination, but many villages and beaches are now under the clutches of drugs. Bharatiya Janata Party campaigned against casinos [in Goa] and came to power and grew up. Today, they support the casinos … it is a policy of lies, which must come to the knowledge of the people. We will bring these problems to the people, ”Raut said on Wednesday.

Raut is expected to meet with party officials in Goa to discuss the roadmap for the Assembly elections, which are slated to be held in February-March 2022. He may also meet with regional parties to forge an alliance for the election. He did, however, reiterate that the party would go solo if the alliance did not materialize. “We are going to dispute over 22 seats. Whether or not an alliance occurs, we are moving forward with our plan. If someone joins us, great, if not, then we have the option of going solo. We have voters in 32 assembly segments, ”said Raut.

The party is expected to adopt the Hindutva line and the Marathi language as its program for the next elections. Criticizing the BJP government in Goa, Saamana’s editorial said on Wednesday: “This is the BJP. [in Goa] which has truly become a “beef festival” and “Hindutva” is just a mask. When there is a ban on beef in the country, but in Goa, you get cow meat. If it’s not a sham, then what is it?

Raut added that Maharashtra and Goa have linguistic and cultural ties. “Balasaheb also went there to campaign. Although we have not had success there, we have our organization there. Many parties do not enter Goa, including the Aam Aadmi party and the Trinamool congress. Goa and Maharashtra have always had links. We share the same language and the same culture.

In an indirect attack on the BJP, the MP for Sena said: “Today the situation is such in Goa that no one can say which lawmaker will go where after being elected by a party. The people of Goa are also fed up. They vote for one party, the legislator jumps on other parties. Raut was referring to several congressional lawmakers joining the BJP after the 2017 election in the state.

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