A strange network of catalytic converter thefts begins at the airport

The Pasco police are trying to piece together this strange story.

A few weeks ago, a man uses a rental car to steal catalytic converters

On April 2, Pasco police say the man pictured was dropped off in the evening at the Pasco airport by the dark vehicle pictured in our story. It’s a Kia Soul

Delivery vehicle (PPD)

Delivery vehicle (PPD)

Then the man rented the white vehicle using a stolen credit card. It’s Hyundai Santa Fe. Then it got even weirder. The rental car is the white one.

Stolen Rental Car (PPD)

Stolen Rental Car (PPD)

The man bypassed Pasco by stealing a number of catalytic converters.

The man apparently bypassed Pasco, stealing the converters, some of them from vehicles parked at CBC.

Police later said the Hyundai (the rental car) was reported stolen and was later located by Puyallup Tribal Police. The vehicle contained converters and other stolen items inside.

Pasco police report precisely where the car was found. The investigation is continuing. Anyone who may have information, you are encouraged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential. How the vehicle arrived from Pasco across the state has not been specifically disclosed. We checked with Puuallup PD, various online sources, and nothing about this case was listed.

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