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Linear Tape-Open (LTO) organization has endorsed Fujifilm and Sony’s efforts to create LTO-9 compliant tapes, meaning next-generation 45 terabyte capacity tapes are now on sale .

Fujifilm rushed out the doors with a announcement to the effect that it sells media that supports the LTO-9 specification of 18TB native capacity, or 45TB after data compression.

Previous generations of LTOs improved their capacity by 100% compared to their predecessors. The LTO-9 instead adds 50% capacity over the 2017 LTO-8. The companies behind LTO – HPE, IBM, and Quantum – never really explained why the jump was smaller this time around.

They suggested that LTO-9 would meet a new need for tape – an empty archive that is untouchable by ransomware.

One reason for this small leap could be that LTO-9 transfer speeds only increased by almost 50%, from 750MB / s of LTO-8 for compressed data and 360MB / s. natively at 1000MB / s and 440MB / s respectively.

At these speeds – 3.6TB / hour – recovering from ransomware on a 24TB tape might not be quite the ransomware recovery revolution that the LTO group would have us believe. .

Whatever reasoning behind the specification of this generation of LTOs, its supporters are enthusiastic about it.

HPE has announced the delivery of the LTO-9 tape. Quantum announcement LTO-9 drives.

IBM announcement that its Spectrum Archive storage software and tape libraries can read LTO-9 cartridges (thanks to the fact that every LTO generation is backward compatible).

New LTO technology debuts about every three years, but this generation took four years to emerge. So the arrival of LTO-9 is a big day for some people – not quite the return of ABBA, but still much anticipated. If your storage administrator is behaving a bit unusual today, this might be the reason! ®

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