2021 iPhones will indeed be called iPhone 13 – supply chain report


A new supply chain report claims to have the answers to a question about 2021 iPhones: which name will Apple choose?

As we talked about this year’s models like the iPhone 13, other possibilities arose…

Some have argued that rumors of changes for this year’s devices make it an S year, so the name will be iPhone 12S. Others have suggested that as some consider the number 13 to be unlucky, Apple could ignore the number or even remove the numbering altogether and just use the iPhone name with the year as an identifier, as the company does with Macs and iPads.

Today’s report says no: the name will be iPhone 13.

Apple’s new iPhone this year has entered the storage countdown phase, and the supply chain has announced that this year’s new phone will be called iPhone 13.

He goes on to say that main iPhone assembler Foxconn will continue to get the bulk of the orders, while Pegatron will manufacture the iPhone 13 mini.

A second question is when the 2021 iPhones will go on sale. Previously, it was easy to answer: From iPhone 5 to iPhone 8, each year’s models were available in September. Things changed with the iPhone X, however, and since then it’s not clear whether the availability of particular models would be September, October, or November.

The report suggests that the announcement will take place in September and that suppliers will start shipping in the third quarter – but because Apple needs to stockpile phones to prepare them for sale, this provides limited information on actual availability.

The supply chain reports that this year’s new iPhone will revert to the situation announced in September of the previous year. The assembler will start shipping in the third quarter and the peak pull will fall in the fourth quarter.

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