10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in 2022

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts information technology (IT) jobs will grow 15% from 2021 to 2031. It’s not just one of the fastest growing labor markets , but also one of most lucrative. The BLS also reports that the median annual salary for IT workers is more than double the average – a median of $97,430 per year in the second quarter of 2021, compared to $45,760 for all occupations.

It makes sense when you consider that almost everything is tech-driven. Banking, dating apps, healthcare, commerce, vehicles and more run on technology. If you’re looking for a career path or a job change, this guide shares some of the highest paying tech jobs.

Top 10 Tech Jobs

After examining the BLS database of IT jobs, ten positions stood out the most as best paying jobs in technology. For almost every job, a Licence or better is the key to earning more in the field.

10. IT Support Specialists

Median annual salary: $57,910

If you are a Apple user, you probably know the Genius Bar team who are ready to help you with any questions or technical problems. Almost every business today has some level of IT support specialists to help troubleshoot problems and keep systems running smoothly. Of all the highest-paying tech jobs on this list, IT support specialists require the most social abilitiesas specialists will work with customers on issues.

9. Web developers and digital designers

Median annual salary: $78,300

Web developers and designers work hand in hand to give you the best possible online experience. The web developer will create and maintain websites. Digital designers can also develop and create a website but take it a step further by making sure the product is user-friendly. They do this by typically testing the functions, navigation, and layout of a website or interface to make improvements to the overall experience as needed.

8. Network and computer system administrators

Median annual salary: $80,600

Network and computer system administrators oversee the day-to-day operation of computer networks. For anyone who enjoys some variety in their schedule, this role involves overseeing and maintaining all IT-related items, including networks, material/equipmentcomputer systems, software and more.

7. Computer programmers

Median annual salary: $93,000

One of the most well-known computer positions is that of computer programmer. They create and write apps and software, many of which are familiar to you. Although the highest paying jobs in programming technology require a bachelor’s degree, people with knowledge and experience may also have the opportunity to work as a programmer. According to Berkley, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS and Java are the most required programming languages ​​to know.

6. Computer systems analysts

Median annual salary: $99,270

A computer systems analyst has the skills to examine the operation of an organization’s computer systems to determine how to create a more efficient system. Also known as systems architects, their goal is to put in place or design systems and procedures so that an organization can better manage its IT systems.

5. Database Administrators and Architects

Median annual salary: $101,000

The amount of data that organizations store can become unmanageable. Database administrators and architects design organized systems that store and secure enterprise data. They often work with extremely large databases. In addition to designing and organizing the systems that collect and store datathey also set standards for database operations to ensure smooth and secure operations.

4. Information Security Analysts

Median annual salary: $102,600

cyber security is a growing industry as more and more personal data, critical business information and systems we take for granted are all connected to the internet. Information security analysts provide a critical line of defense, ensuring that security measures are in place to protect an organization’s systems, networks, and data.

3. Software Developers, QA Analysts and Testers

Median annual salary: $109,020

Software developers design programs and applications. They don’t necessarily write the programs — that’s the job of the computer programmer. Quality assurance testers and analysts examine the final product and test applications or programs to detect problems that need to be corrected.

2. Computer Network Architects

Median annual salary: $120,520

Anyone who has ever tried to set up a home network knows how complicated it can be to synchronize all the devices. Computer network architects will design and build entire networks – the complexity of the work is why they are paid very well. Part of the networks they create include setting up intranets, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs).

A bachelor’s degree is usually required to enter the network architect job market.

1. Computer and information researchers

Median annual salary: $131,490

If you are analytical but creative, a career in this field could be ideal. Computer scientists and information researchers are the designers who envision and create uses for existing and new technologies.

It’s the highest paying job in tech, but it requires a Master’s degree get the most lucrative jobs.

Takeaway: What’s the Best Tech Career?

There are countless opportunities in the field of technology. The highest paying tech jobs typically pay well above an average salary and often even let you work abroad. Choosing a field will require you to research the role and determine if it suits your personality and work style.

While a college degree may be necessary to land more lucrative roles, that’s not always the case. Experience is one of the keys to working in IT. If you can prove that you have IT experience and can meet the job requirements, you may be able to land a dream job in one of the highest paying tech jobs.


  • What are the five most in-demand tech careers?
    • According to Indeed, the following tech careers may be the most in-demand:
    • Video game designate
    • Network administrator
    • IT systems analyst
    • IT manager
    • Information Security Analyst
  • What is the highest paying job in tech?
    • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer and information researcher earns a median annual salary of $131,490. the highest in the computer field.

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