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Cheap cash loan bank. On the portal you can check what is a cheap bank loan in cash. Having a bank statement makes it easier to make the right choice. Check where the cheap cash loans compare the bank offers.

A cash loan or cash loan is one of the fastest ways to get financing for any consumer purpose. The main advantage of cash loans is the high availability – even several proposals for loans and cash loans in one bank – and the speed of its obtaining. In some banks, the formalities with the launching of a cash loan can be arranged even on the same day as the loan application sent.

Below you will find a list of cash loans available in banks. In other sections of the portal you can find housing, consolidation and car loans.

When applying for a cash loan, we must be prepared for the bank to ask us for the amount and source of income. Only in the case of cash loans for a small amount and a short loan period, the bank may only request a statement of income or an account statement.

The simplified procedure for applying for a cash loan, with limited formalities, can be used, for example, by professionals, such as, for example, doctors or lawyers. They can apply for a high loan amount with a long loan repayment period.

The cost of a loan in a bank

For each loan, the basic costs are the nominal interest rate of the loan and the commission for its granting. In addition, additional fees and loan insurance may occur. In the case of loans for tens of thousands of zlotys, you will certainly need to provide additional collateral, such as bills of third parties, promissory notes, blockade of securities or insurance.

Each credit offer is general, whereas the credit offer is individual. It is presented after examining the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the client – checking the credit history at database.

The bank examines the creditworthiness and analyzes whether we are able to repay the loan and what the maximum loan installment can be. When calculating creditworthiness, the bank takes into account, among others, income and fixed expenses.

Cheap loan in the bank

Cheap loan in the bank

The cost of the loan depends not only on the credit offer itself, but also on the scoring by the bank. Customers who have obtained better scores can count on much more favorable loan terms.

If you have not used any credit products in your bank (credit card or account limit) so far, then before you apply for a loan, you should start one of these products a few months before applying for a loan. In this way, database will record that you already have a credit history. Lack of credit history makes it difficult to assess the future borrower. It does not mean that you will not receive the loan, but it may be worse financing conditions.

When comparing loans at banks, one should pay attention to the APRC – the Real Annual Interest Rate – or the total cost of the loan. This allows you to compare loans in a quick and easy way. The general rule is that the smaller the APY and the total cost, the loan will be cheaper.

Which Loan Should You Choose? Cash? Account limit? | All Possibilities

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Which loan should you choose? The most frequently asked question when looking for loans and banks. If we decide to finance purchases from an external source, and not from our own savings, it is very important to choose a specific financial product. From him also depends the cost of borrowed money.

Banks offer many loan products. The most popular are loans and cash loans, installment loans, housing and car loans. The names themselves indicate what we can use: home, car, household appliances, foreign holidays or general renovation.

Loans and loans differ from each other for their purpose, type of security, repayment period, interest rate, etc. Lending alone is not something to blame. Hardly anyone can afford to buy a flat with savings or even a used car.

Only thoughtless use of loans can lead to serious financial problems. Borrowing by people who definitely should not do it only leads to further problems and ends with a spiral of debt. Many of us have more than just one loan, and there will be even several hundred thousand people (!) Who also have loans and cash loans, home loans, account limits and credit cards.

What credit to choose, which is the most popular loan in the bank

What loan is the most popular? Of course, there is only one and many people will point to a cash loan without any thought. This is the most popular credit product at the same time. dearest. That’s why we often ask for a cheap cash loan. Of course, such a loan can be found, provided, however, that we compare the offers (use, for example, the cash loan comparison engine to search for and compare loans).

The credit limit on your account

The credit limit on your account

We can distinguish several cash loans, and the most popular type of such a cash loan is the credit limit in the account, also known as a debit on the account or a revolving loan. Such a loan allows you to withdraw money from your account and make transfers. The credit limit granted by the bank depends on the amount of receipts made on the personal account. It is usually awarded between two and six times our monthly income.


  • it is easy to get such a loan,
  • no additional certificates or sureties are required,
  • interest is calculated on the amount of credit actually used,
  • every deposit on the account reduces the debt,
  • the commission on the granted limit may amount to 0 percent. in the case when we apply for such a limit via the Internet,
  • some banks offer promotional terms for those clients who transfer their credit limit from another bank.


  • sometimes it is required to have a ROR account with the bank for at least 3 months, similarly it may be with receipts to the account,
  • high interest rate, close to the maximum admissible. Currently, it is 9-10 percent,
  • the commission for granting the limit may amount to 0% as well as 10%,
  • the annual renewal fee, regardless of whether we use the limit or not. It can be determined by the amount or percentage (about 1-3% of the limit),
  • banks often persuade to take out insurance, which of course increases the cost of such a loan,
  • exceeding the limit may result in charging penal interest, additional payments or even in the worst case scenario, the bank may terminate the contract.

A cash loan

It may happen that the bank will refuse to activate the account limit, but it will offer a loan or a cash loan. We can also have a limit in your account and apply for a cash loan. There is a difference between a cash loan and a cash loan. The main difference is that the cash loan is a loan for a specific purpose and can only be granted by banks and credit unions. Because we usually take cash loans, that’s why we find the advantages and disadvantages of this form of financing below.


  • can be intended for any purpose,
  • high maximum amount of cash loan that can be obtained from the bank. On average, it is € 120,000, but we can find offers of loans and cash loans with a maximum amount of up to € 150,000 and € 200,000,
  • in the case of a small loan, no additional certificates and security are required, and the decision is made up to 15 minutes.


  • required certificate of earnings, loan collateral or guarantor in the case of cash loans for large amounts,
  • commission for granting a loan (there is usually a dependency that if the interest rate is low, the commission is high, and vice versa),
  • additional fees, e.g. preparation or administrative fee,
  • very often the bank requires compulsory loan insurance.


Installment loan

Popular when buying home appliances or audio / video products due to a simplified procedure. It is enough to just sign a contract and receive the goods in your hand. Repayment of installment credit is most often spread over 24 months, but there are offers with a longer repayment period. Remember to read the contract carefully, check the amount of all loan installments, because you may find that you pay more for the product than it actually is in the store.


  • simplified procedure, sometimes only boils down to presenting your ID card and declaring your earnings,
  • after signing the contract, we can take the goods home,
  • the interest rate on such a loan may amount to 0 percent. (also read the following defects).


  • sometimes it is necessary to present documents confirming the receipt of income,
  • the bank may charge a high commission or oblige to take out insurance.
Credit cards

Loan for free? There are no such loans. But a credit card can be a good option for consumers who want to buy using a cheaper loan.


  • the possibility of using a free loan during the interest free period. It is usually 50-60 days.
  • many banks offer to make a card for free,
  • additional bonuses for using the card.


  • monthly or annual fees are set depending on the type of credit card – most often they refer to prestigious cards or linked to loyalty programs,
  • the annual fee can be set from the amount of trading on the card or the number of transactions made,
  • no debt settlement in the non-interest period, accrued interest on the loan,
  • withdrawing money from an ATM is treated as a cash operation and commission and interest are charged (from the date of payment of the money – in this case the interest-free period is not applicable).


Mortgage loan

A mortgage loan differs from a mortgage primarily because it can be taken for any purpose. The loan is secured, as in the case of a mortgage, property. However, it is a property that belongs to the borrower or a third party (guarantor).


  • at high amounts, usually exceeding 20-30 thousand, such a loan is cheaper than a cash loan. Even when we consider non-interest costs: a fee for property valuation, mortgage entry, insurance, etc.,
  • the high possible loan amount (determined as a percentage of the value of the property) and the long loan period, even 30 years.


  • a long time associated with the completion of all formalities, and thus a longer period of time needed to withdraw money from the loan,
  • most banks set a minimum loan amount.

Do you know what loan you need?

Remember, however, that the bank dictates the terms of the loan or loan, but we are not sentenced in advance to worse conditions. We can negotiate the main points of the contract and it is even advisable to get the most favorable terms. In addition, if our creditworthiness and creditworthiness is high, the bank will certainly offer us better credit terms than the average customer.

We should always compare the loans and credits by checking the offer in the bank that runs our account and then compare the proposal with the loans in other banks.

5 ways to earn extra money right now

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5 ways to earn extra money right now

Unless you are very lucky, it is quite likely that during the last decade you have noticed the effects of the global financial crisis and have gone through financial hardship. In fact, most of us still suffer its consequences, with wages growing at a rate much lower than that of inflation.

In Spain, wages lost 10% of purchasing power during the crisis. And the forecasts are not much better since during this year wages are expected to grow only half as much as prices, which in turn means that the purchasing power of Spaniards will also fall.

Thus, with the gap between income and cost of living increase on each payroll, many people are beginning to look for ways to earn extra money to supplement their salaries or simply deal with unforeseen expenses. However, unless you have enough free time to get a second job, it is not an easy task. A full-time job, family responsibilities, hobbies, and social life leave no room for much more.

But what if you could get a little extra money without sacrificing too much of your time? Better yet, if you could do it with minimal expense and effort? Even from home. We present Help For-parents pdl payday loans on how to get money from home or in your free time.

1. Sell what you do not use

Image result for garage saleSelling objects that you no longer use not only gives you a little extra money but also frees up a precious space at home. Space that, who knows, maybe you can use in the future in activities that also give money.

Take a look around you, surely you have a few forgotten things at home without which you could survive perfectly. For example, sports equipment that you bought with all the good intentions but you have only used a couple of times. Unless you really want to go back to golf, sell those clubs while they are still worth money.

You can also get rid of old or outdated clothes (better if you call it vintage ). There are branded clothes that are sure to be worth money, put them on sale on the internet and see what you get. If you have clothes that you think are not worth too much, you can pack them and sell them to the weight in a clothing recycling store. If they exist! Check if there is any near where you live.

The same goes for children’s clothes, toys, trolleys, tacatacas or chairs that your baby no longer uses. Put it on sale on pages like eBay and you’re sure to get something out.


2. Give classes

A good way to earn extra money is by selling your knowledge, skills or experience through classes. That is, becoming a teacher. It can be about something related to your profession or about a hobby that you love.

You can organize personal classes or for small groups about anything: running, yoga, cooking, music, etc … it all depends on what you teach, but in principle you only need some equipment or a place, and those expenses could cover them with the new money that you win Remember that for some activities you may need insurance.


3. Manufactures and sells crafts

If you are lucky enough to be creative, you can get some extra money for doing crafts. Take a look at Etsy, where thousands of people show and sell the objects they make. Some people even dedicate themselves to this full-time.

There you can find crafts of all kinds: centerpieces and wedding invitations, original gifts, home decorations, t-shirt designs, jewelry, hand-woven clothes, custom furniture and original works of art.

In addition to Etsy, there are many other marketplaces where to sell these objects, such as Ezebee. You can also get in touch with a local craft fair, temporary markets or independent stores. As you can see, there is no shortage of options for your art.


4. Rent a room on AirBnB

Do you have a room that you do not use (for example, the one you emptied after reading point 1 of this post)? Try renting it for days on AirBnB. There are many tourists, especially young people, who do not even look for rooms in hotels, they go directly to AirBnB. And there you will be to offer your room equipped for very little with second-hand furniture. You will earn extra money every month and you will also have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It’s not a bad idea, right?


5. Become a mystery customer

<strong>5. Become a mystery customer</strong>

Surely you’ve ever read it: the mystery shopper or mystery shopper visits stores to evaluate and report on his experience and the attention he has received. And yes, they pay you for it. It depends a lot on where you go and what the business is, but they usually cover your expenses and there are times when they let you keep what you have bought. There is a variant of people who go to restaurants, eat, and then leave their opinion about the quality of the food or service. And aside from the money, hey, a free meal is a free meal.

Being a mystery customer is not as easy as it seems. You need to have a good memory and be able to observe all the details. Accurate exactly what you have to evaluate, the questions you have to ask and discover the name of the person who assisted you or knows how to describe it accurately. And all this without it being too obvious and exposing you!

Economy / Companies.- El Corte Inglés shareholder crisis hinders access to capital markets

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The family struggle could lead to postpone the bond issue and influence the decision of the Qatari Sheikh to expand its participation

The family struggle could lead to postpone the bond issue and influence the decision of the Qatari Sheikh to expand its participation


The family struggle could lead to postpone the bond issue and influence the decision of the Qatari Sheikh to expand its participation

The English Court faces an adverse scenario to make the issuance of debt for up to 1,200 million euros initially planned for June or July due to the uncertainty of the shareholding that crosses, pending continuity as president of Dimas Gimeno.

Market sources consulted by Europa Press have pointed out that the context of the shareholder dispute that the department store group is living “is not the best” to go to the capital market and issue debt and estimate that, if the conflict is not resolved, said issue could be delayed until after the shareholders meeting, foreseeably with a new president, which will take place at the end of August.

As explained, the shareholder instability that the group is going through and the absence of a short-term solution generates distrust among investors in a context in which the interest rates of this issue would be higher.

Despite this, the same sources have pointed out that it is a financially and financially sound company, not having over-indebtedness and having a large portfolio of assets while highlighting that the accounts are sound.

The only thing that has happened, they explain, is that El Corte Inglés has left the ‘road map’ marked by circumstances beyond its own activity, but has other alternatives such as the divestment of some assets.

In fact, the group’s net debt remained at the end of its 2016 fiscal year in line with that of 2015, which was around 3,834 million euros.

At the beginning of the year, El Corte Inglés signed a financing agreement for its debt for a maximum amount of 3,650 million euros, with which it reduced costs, increased terms and eliminated guarantees.

Specifically, the distribution giant reached an agreement with the entities Banco Santander, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs that contemplated a bridge loan of 1,200 million euros at twelve months and with two extension options, until an expiration maximum of two years; a loan of 1,450 million euros, for a term of five years, and a line of credit of up to 1,000 million euros, for a term of five years.

As explained by the group, the agreement guaranteed long-term stable financing (an increase of almost two years in the average maturity of its debt), with lower costs (a significant reduction in its average annual financial cost) and without the need for guarantees.

The funds obtained through this contract were going to be used to replace the syndicated loan of November 2013, whose outstanding balance reached 2,153 million, as well as to reorder the promissory note program whose outstanding balance amounted to 1,315 million euros.

Among the options the group is considering to replace the bridge loan with medium and long-term financing, it is necessary to go to the $$$





The company has convened its board of directors at the end of May with the question of whether the resignation of Gimeno at the head of the presidency will be on the table, a position for which Manuel Pizarro could even have been tested. the margin of the conflict with the Qatari sheikh, so the helm of the company could pass into the hands of Marta Alvarez, according to the same sources.

However, the shareholder uncertainty could also jeopardize the decision of the former prime minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani, who entered the shareholding of El Corte Ingles with the purchase of 10% of the capital by 1,000 million a through a loan, to increase their participation, the same sources point out.

The Qatari investor is expected to hold more than 12% of the capital next July if he capitalizes the interest on the loan, a percentage that could even reach approximately 14% depending on the evolution of the company, although the current situation of the group It can influence your decision.


The up to now head of El Corte Inglés remains firm in his decision not to leave office, despite the pulse he has with his cousins Marta and Cristina Álvarez, who hold 69% of the IASA Securities Portfolio, which in turn, owns 22.18% of the distribution giant, whose first shareholder is the Ramón Areces Foundation, with 37.39% of capital and where the sisters also have an important weight as patrons.

In this scenario, also splashed by lawsuits, both parties try to scratch the maximum possible support within the council, although, according to the sources consulted, the balance is tipped in favor of the daughters of Isidoro Álvarez, since they would have, among others, the support for most of the directors, including the CEOs Víctor del Pozo and Jesús Nuño de la Rosa.

The English Court closed its last fiscal year, between March 2016 and February 2017, with an increase of 2.4% of its net profit, up to 161.86 million euros, which chained three consecutive years of growth, while the gross operating result (Ebitda) soared 7.5% to reach 981 million euros.

Berlin – If you can only build on the statutory pension in old age, look in the tube. But how do you correctly calculate how much money is needed in retirement? And how do you avoid a pension gap? Theo Pischke, pension expert of Stiftung Warentest, gives tips for the calculation.

Image: Mature couple

The situation is clear for Theo Pischke. “Most insured persons will have a pension gap,” says the pension expert of Stiftung Warentest. This refers to the difference between the statutory pension and the amount that consumers need for their standard of living in retirement. The reason for this is the demographic trend. The working population will have to pay more and more pensioners in the future. As a result, the pension level drops steadily.

Anyone who retires in 2012 can expect a pension of around 1270 euros. However, this only applies if he has paid 45 years into the pension fund in the old federal states with an average annual salary of about 32,400 euros. In the new federal states, the average pension is slightly lower. Who has earned less, gets less statutory pension. Anyone who has earned on average, but has paid shorter, also gets a smaller pension.

The working population must pay more and more pensioners

The average pensioner receives a good 47 percent of his gross salary this year. In 2030, the average pension will have already shrunk to 40 percent of the last gross income. This is what the German Council of Economic Experts predicts for the assessment of overall economic development. “Most pensioners will therefore not even reach the 40 percent in 30 years, because they have earned below average or not get 45 contribution years together and therefore not the full pension entitlement,” says Pischke. Martin Reißig of the Federal Association of pension consultants therefore predicts: “The state pension will be in the future only a basic supply.”

Nobody comes around saving

In order for it does not remain with the basic supply, most must save additional. How much is missing, one learns by calculating the personal pension gap. The starting point for the calculation is the expected statutory pension. The German pension insurance sends this annually a pension information to the insured. The form results in the anticipated amount of the statutory pension.

“The prognosis, however, provides only a clue about the expected pension,” says Josephine Holzhäuser of the Verbraucherzentrale Rheinland-Pfalz. If something changes in the occupational situation, such as child-raising periods or unemployment, the pension entitlements change as well. “Anyone who has been working full-time for some years and has paid heavily into the pension fund, but then suddenly takes a longer break, for the predicted pension is no longer in the specified amount.”

80 percent of the last net salary is realistic

Based on the extrapolation of the German pension insurance, however, everyone can at least roughly determine how much he needs in addition. “Who wants to keep his usual standard of living in retirement, needs about 80 percent of the last net salary, to 20 percent can do without most,” says Pischke.

Many expenses fall away in old age

The reason: many expenses fall away in old age. For example, retirees no longer have to pay any contributions to the statutory pension. Occupational expenditures such as travel expenses to work also save retirees, also possible rates for a real estate loan or training costs for the children. Depending on the lifestyle, however, costs can also be added, for example for travel and hobbies. In addition, usually the health costs increase in old age. “Depending on your personal situation, it may therefore be that 80 percent of the last net salary is not enough,” warns Josephine Holzhäuser.

Theo Pischke also points out that the German pension insurance calculated in their annual pension forecast no monetary devaluation. “The authority refers only to an expected annual inflation rate of 1.5 percent, each insured must plan the purchasing power loss of his pension itself.”

Employees can use the information letter from Deutsche Rentenversicherung and the Rentenlückenrechner of Stiftung Warentest to find out how much they have to cover for retirement in addition. It is also assumed that an annual depreciation rate of 1.5 percent. That is the average inflation rate of the past 20 years. This means that a monthly pension of 800 euros is only worth about 680 euros with a corresponding loss of purchasing power in 10 years.

Ideal is a combination of occupational pension and Riester pension

If you now know the personal pension gap, you should additionally provide for the necessary amount for the age. “Meaningful is always a mix.” Employees usually pay a company pension in combination with the state-subsidized Riester pension, advises Reißig. Rigid pension plans with a regular obligation to pay contributions are in his view currently not recommended: “Now you should rather collect his money, put it for example on the time deposit account, buy funds with low fees and wait for the interest rate market has recovered again Buying a property can be an alternative “.

To close an impending supply gap, you should start saving early, advises Pischke. “If you start early, you can build up wealth with small amounts, because young savers benefit considerably from compound interest.” The closer one gets to the retirement age, the more expensive it will be to close the pension gap.

News Quick and easy: terminate ADAC membership News always well informed

Thursday, 23.01.14 , written by Christian Hafler The manipulation scandal leaves a deep scratch on the image of the “Yellow Angel”. Consumers now doubt not only the accuracy of various ADAC tests. Many members like you have lost their confidence in the Automobile Club. Can you cancel the ADAC without

Mitgliedschaft beim ADAC kündigen: Kündigungsfrist beachten

Not only the ADAC helps with breakdowns and accidents

They belong to the nearly 19 million members that the ADAC still has. Many of them are shocked by the scandal surrounding the manipulated numbers of participants in the “Yellow Angel” award ceremony. Now, the uncertainty among them is spreading: Has the ADAC also cheated on winter tires or rest stops tests? Most ADAC members are now only clear that behind the friendly breakdown helpers is a large organization with lobby interests. But if you want to quit the ADAC, you can not do this without further ado.

Announce at the ADAC: You should pay attention to this

To terminate membership of the ADAC is possible for you on one condition: observing the notice period of three months to the end of the contribution year. “Cancellation of the ADAC membership can only be done in writing and only at the end of the contribution period with a quarterly period”, it says in the ADAC regulations. If you have just transferred your annual subscription to the Automobile Club, you will probably have to wait a year.

A special right of termination due to the manipulation scandal does not apply. This view is the legal expert of the SWR, Klaus Hempel. “A contract can only terminate without notice if it is unreasonable for one that the contract continues,” explains Hempel.Da the award ceremony, however, has nothing to do with the membership contract, you must not have the right to a termination without notice .

The ADAC termination can be formulated as follows:
“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hereby cancel my ADAC membership at the earliest opportunity. Please send me the cancellation confirmation in writing.
Sincerely, Max Mustermann “

The ADAC cancellation is received by mail, preferably by registered letter: ADAC, member service, 81360 Munich. Or by fax at 089-76766346.

  • Our service for you
  • Are you looking for a professional advice on precaution and insurance?
  • Find experts now

AvD as a cheap alternative to the ADAC

If you are now dissatisfied with the ADAC in the course of the ongoing discussion, you can cancel regularly. Because there are not only the “yellow angels” who come to help with breakdowns and accidents. For example, the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) is a low-cost alternative. For just under 65 euros a year, the AvD offers global roadside assistance. The ADAC, on the other hand, only helps across Europe – but only to members who have a more expensive ADAC “Plus membership” (84 euros per year). In addition, AvD members benefit from the free medical repatriation, should this become necessary after an accident. The AvD is with one million members Germany’s second largest automobile club.

Costs and benefits in comparison

Another possibility is the European Automobile Club (ACE). The club has around 580,000 members. Slightly smaller are the automobile club Verkehr (ACV, 300,000 members) and the car and travel club Germany (ARCD, 100,000 members). When comparing the performance of each provider in detail, you will find that they differ only slightly from each other. It is striking, however, that ADAC Plus members currently pay most for their service. For some of them, that may be reason enough to give notice to the ADAC.

Breakdown and accident assistance without ADAC: motor vehicle protection certificate makes it possible

Are you just for accident and roadside assistance at the ADAC? What many do not know: You do not have to go into a club for that. For the towing or recovery of your car and help with breakdowns and accidents often enough a so-called motor vehicle protection letter . Many automakers and insurance companies offer these for little money. In general, the benefits of insurance are even the cheaper alternative, says Peter Grieble of the consumer center Baden-Württemberg. Compared to the Tagesspiegel, Grieble explains that this module often only costs ” a few euros “. Depending on the provider, the benefits of a motor vehicle protection certificate are similar to those of good automobile membership, for example with regard to repatriation. However, what a letter of protection actually does, you will learn directly from the motor insurance.

More news about consumer news

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Verivox Kundenbewertung 29.05.2018 um 17:35 Uhr Alles OK. Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 12:16 Uhr kurz, schnell, schmerzlos Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 11:02 Uhr Stromanbieterwechsel sehr einfach, übersichtliche Darstellung beim Anbietervergleich, negativ: Verivox erhält keine Nachricht wenn der Anbieter warum auch immer ablehnt! Deshalb keine Rückkopplung zum Kunden möglich. Verivox Kundenbewertung 28.05.2018 um 09:35 Uhr Ich schätze die Verivox-Bewertungen als sehr neutral und ehrlich Verivox Kundenbewertung 27.05.2018 um 09:54 Uhr Es werden passende Angebote angezeigt. Jedoch unterscheiden diese sich meist nur in der Höhe der Prämien. Verbrauchsdaten sind zwar unterschiedlich, der Gesamtverbrauchspreis aber nicht.

Kreditkarten-Vergleich: Gebühren optimieren

In unserer Gesellschaft geht ohne Kreditkarte kaum noch etwas. Sie dient zum Einkaufen mit Zahlungsziel und im Internet oder zum Abheben von Bargeld im Ausland. Auch an der Tankstelle und bei der Autovermietung wollen wir auf die Vorteile des „Plastikgeldes“ nicht verzichten. In Deutschland sind vor allem Kreditkarten dieser Anbieter gebräuchlich: Visa, MasterCard, American Express und Diners Club. Die beiden erstgenannten werden von Banken, meist als Classic- oder Gold-Karten mit einem Girokonto, die anderen von Kartengesellschaften direkt ausgegeben. Beliebt sind auch Kreditkarten der Barclays Bank, kurz Barclaycard genannt. Ein Kreditkarten-Vergleich mit Verivox lohnt sich, um die optimale Karte auszuwählen.

Wer eine Kreditkarte nutzt, muss dafür Gebühren zahlen. Wie hoch diese ausfallen, unterscheidet sich von Anbieter zu Anbieter und darin, ob es sich um Classic-, Gold- oder Platinkarten handelt. Bei einigen Emittenten fällt keine Gebühr für den Kreditkartenantrag oder die Kartenausgabe an, andere verzichten auf eine Jahresgebühr und berechnen nur umsatzabhängige Kosten. Manche Herausgeber erheben außerdem keine Sollzinsen.

Damit die Gebühren im Rahmen bleiben, ist es wichtig, einen Vergleich der Kartenangebote durchzuführen. Denn nicht für jeden ist jeder Kartentyp geeignet. Insbesondere der effektive Jahreszins spielt eine entscheidende Rolle, denn er beinhaltet neben dem Zinssatz nahezu alle Nebenkosten. Zusätzlich kann noch der Nominalzins genannt werden. Er zeigt allerdings den reinen Zinssatz, ohne Berücksichtigung von Gebühren und Nebenkosten. Die Zinsen können jedoch genutzt werden, indem man die Kreditkarte als Alternative zum Tagesgeldkonto verwendet.

Achten Sie bei einem Kreditkarten-Vergleich mit dem Kreditkarten-Rechner des unabhängigen Verbraucherportals auf versteckte Kosten, wie Zinsen und eingeschränkte Angebote. Einige Emittenten setzen Mindestumsätze voraus, damit die Kreditkarte ohne eine Grundgebühr geführt werden kann. Andere Kreditkartengesellschaften bieten dagegen Guthabenzinsen oder günstige Zinssätze nur für Neukunden. Auch Zusatzleistungen können nur für einen beschränkten Kundenkreis gelten.

Kreditkarten von Visa

Visa ist die weltweit größte Kreditkartengesellschaft und die Visa-Card zählt zu den beliebtesten Kreditkarten. Ob Bargeldabhebung , Bezahlen an der Tankstelle oder Online-Shopping mit Zahlungsziel, die verschiedenen Visa-Produkte stellen jede Zielgruppe zufrieden. Die Visa-Card ist als Classic-, Gold, Platinum- und Infinite-Card erhältlich und wird meistens von Banken herausgegeben. Des Weiteren stehen Geschäftskunden die Commercial, bzw. die Corporate Card zur Verfügung.

Die MasterCard-Kreditkarte

Auch mit der MasterCard sind überall im In- und Ausland Bargeldabhebungen relativ günstig möglich. Sie gehört ebenfalls zu den häufig genutzten Kreditkarten in Deutschland. Das Angebot des 1966 gegründeten Unternehmens umfasst ebenfalls Classic-, Gold- und Platinum-, sowie die Word Elite Karten. Aber auch für Firmenkunden oder Jugendliche werden Lösungen, wie die MasterCard Professional und die MasterCard Prepaid, geboten. Außerdem stehen eine Vielzahl von Zusatzleistungen in Verbindung mit dem Einkauf auf Zahlungsziel zur Verfügung – wer gezielt nach einem Bonusprogramm oder einer Auslandskrankenversicherung sucht, kann hier fündig werden.

Kreditkarten von American Express

Die American-Express-Card stammt, wie der Name schon sagt, aus den USA. Das Unternehmen wurde 1850 zunächst als Eilzustelldienst gegründet und erst 40 Jahre später zum Finanzdienstleister. Besonderheiten der Kreditkarten von American Express sind das Bonusprogramm Membership Rewards, bei dem Punkte gesammelt werden, die gegen Prämien eingelöst werden können, und der Wegfall eines Ausgabenlimits. Wie auch Visa und MasterCard bietet American Express Standard- und Premium-Karten an. Allerdings fallen für diese erheblich höhere jährliche Gebühren an. Die Gebühren für die Centurion-Karte liegen sogar im 4-stelligen Bereich und sie kann nur auf Einladung erhalten werden. Dafür bringt sie aber ein breites Spektrum an Zusatzleistungen mit sich.

Diners Club – das Urgestein unter den Kreditkarten

Die Diners-Club-Card war die erste ihrer Art. Sie wurde Anfang der 1950er in New York von Frank McNamara entwickelt und gilt als Vorreiter von American Express und Visa. Außerdem war dies der erste Anbieter, welcher Bonusprogramme mit Auslandskrankenversicherung und der Nutzung von Flughafenlounges entwickelte – dies macht sie vor allem bei Geschäftskunden beliebt. Wie auch bei American Express wird auf ein Ausgabenlimit verzichtet – unbegrenzte Bargeldabhebungen oder Einkäufe mit Zahlungsziel sind damit ein Kinderspiel. Im Gegenzug müssen jedoch eine Jahresgebühr und Sollzinsen entrichtet werden.

Richtiger Umgang mit der Kreditkarte: Schutz vor Missbrauch und Überschuldung

Um Missbrauchsversuche zu vermeiden, ist es wichtig, auf Sicherheit zu achten. Dazu zählen im Falle von Verlust oder Diebstahl das sofortige Melden und das Onlineshoppen auf verschlüsselten SSL-Leitungen. Ein weiterer Punkt ist das Risiko der Kreditkartenschuldenfalle. Hier droht die Überschuldung, welche durch die Bezahlung mit Zahlungsziel hervorgerufen werden und die durch Kostenkontrolle und Ratenzahlung verhindert werden kann. Gerade für Auszubildende und Studenten eignet sich die Prepaid-Card, mit der richtiger Umgang mit der Kreditkarte gelernt und die Gefahr der Überschuldung umgangen werden kann.

Unterschiedliche Kreditkartentypen: Prepaid-, Debit-, und Chargekarte

Verschiedene Typen von Kreditkarten werden unterschieden. Am verbreitetsten ist die Debitkarte, die hierzulande als EC-Karte bekannt ist. Die Belastung erfolgt nach der Ausgabe, daher werden Kredite nur über kurze Zeit eingeräumt.

Allgemein als Kreditkarte bekannt ist die Chargekarte. Die Abrechnung erfolgt in der Regel auf monatlicher Basis, der Inhaber erhält eine Rechnung über die getätigten Ausgaben. Viele Banken bieten außerdem das Kartendoppel, bestehend aus Visa und MasterCard, welches Vorteile bei Zahlungen im Ausland und für Selbständige bietet.

Ebenfalls mittlerweile sehr bekannt ist die Prepaid-Kreditkarte. Sie wird auch als „Kreditkarte ohne Schufa“ bezeichnet, was sie für Menschen mit schwacher Bonität attraktiv macht. Charakteristisch ist, dass sie zunächst wie eine Prepaid-Handykarte mit einem Guthaben aufgeladen wird, bevor sie für Geldabhebungen oder den Kauf auf Zahlungsziel eingesetzt wird. Genau genommen handelt es sich also nicht um eine Kreditkarte, da sie ihrem Besitzer keinen Kredit einräumt. Auch dieses Produkt kann man im Verivox Kreditkarten-Rechner vergleichen.

Spezielle Kreditkartentypen – Daily-Charge-, Revolving- und virtuelle Kreditkarte

Des Weiteren gibt es eine Kombination aus Prepaid- und klassischer Kreditkarte, die allerdings in Deutschland noch nicht sehr verbreitet ist. Sie nennt sich Daily-Chargekarte und kann einerseits mit einem Guthaben aufgeladen werden, bietet aber auch einen Kreditrahmen, wenn das Guthaben aufgebraucht ist.

Ein jüngeres Modell ist die virtuelle Kreditkarte. Sie eignet sich zur Verwendung im Internet. Wie der Name andeutet, erhält der Nutzer kein physisches Kartenmodell, sondern nur die notwendigen Daten (Kartennummer, Prüfziffer, Gültigkeit). Damit kann er Zahlungen tätigen, für die keine Kreditkarte vorgelegt werden muss.

Bei der Revolving-Card werden Kreditkartenumsätze nicht automatisch über das Girokonto verbucht. Der Kunde kann zwischen der Rückzahlung des Rechnungsbetrags in einer Summe oder in Raten wählen. Favorisiert der Kunde die Ratenzahlung, werden Zinsen fällig. Die Höhe der Teilzahlungen wird vertraglich geregelt und beläuft sich meist auf fünf bis zehn Prozent der Verbindlichkeit. Zudem wird eine monatliche Mindestrückzahlungssumme vereinbart. Begleicht der Kunde den offenen Rechnungsbetrag zeitnah, bleibt er von Zinsen befreit.

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Spain resumes crucial debt issues due to investor concern

  • The Treasury will place on Thursday new tranches of old issues of three-year and five-year bonds and ten-year bonds.
  • After 15 days without facing the market, the auction is crucial: the minimum rebound in profitability will open speculation about the rescue of the financial sector.
  • Although in recent auctions the interest that Spain has had to pay has not stopped growing, the reaction of the markets has been excellent.
  • According to the Secretary General of the Treasury says that 58% of needs for this year of funding have already been met.
  • The latest report from the Bank for International Settlements says that concern over Spain and Italy has increased volatility in markets and risk premiums.
  • GRAPH: The figures that weigh down on Spain.
Banco de España
Top of the facade of the Bank of Spain. Jorge Paris

Spain resumes this week debt issues , after 15 days without facing the market, with a momentous auction in which the minimum rebound in profitability will reopen speculation about the rescue of the financial sector and the country as a whole.

The Treasury will place on Thursday new tranches of old issues of three-year and five-year bonds and ten-year bonds.

Specifically, it will issue three-year bonds with a coupon of 3.3% and due on October 31, 2014; five-year bonds with a coupon of 4.25% and maturity on October 31, 2016, and ten-year bonds with coupon of 5.85% and maturity in January 2022.


Until now, and despite the fact that in recent auctions the interest that Spain has had to pay has not stopped growing, the market reaction has been excellent , with coverage ratios -proportion between the demand and the amount awarded- that has overcome on four occasions the four times.

However, the pressure on Spain comes from all angles, including some of the most prestigious means of communication in the economic sphere, which put the economic policy of the Government in the pillory and in doubt the support it has for institutions like the European Central Bank (ECB) or the IMF.

Both organizations were forced to deny that they had disallowed the government’s plans on the nationalization of Bankia, the first, and that there was no plan to rescue Spain, the second.

And this weekend the Executive denied German pressure for Spain to resort to the European rescue fund for banking problems, to questions on a note by Der Spiegel according to which the German Minister of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, pressed on that sense to the holder of Economy, Luis de Guindos , in a meeting last Wednesday in Berlin.

Risk premium and financing

Among so many conjectures, Spain’s risk premium – which measures the spread between the Spanish ten-year bond and the German bond of the same term – reached maximums this week since the creation of the euro above 547 basis points, and increasingly closer of the levels from which the ransoms of Ireland, Portugal and Greece were inevitable.

The effect it has on the market is that the higher the risk premium, the more it costs Spain to finance itself because it has to offer a higher return to investors to agree to buy Spanish public debt issues.

Although the Government has placed in the possible exit of Greece from the euro zone the origin of almost all the evils, the certain thing is that experts and analysts also point to the situation of Bankia like source of distrust .

The Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, acknowledged that such high financing costsare not sustainable in the long term , although he attributed the rise in country risk to doubts about the political future in Greece.

The Secretary General of the Treasury, Íñigo Fernández de Mesa, reiterated that Spain is financed without problems , and that the funding for this year is “very advanced” and 58% of the needs for this year have already been covered, while remembering that the average cost of financing in the emissions made in the first quarter of this year was 3%, down from 3.9% in the same period of 2011

The debate on a possible bailout of Spain, openly and openly, has focused on the financial sector rather than the possible exit of Greece from the euro.

The rescue options

A comprehensive report on Spain published this week by Morgan Stanley said that the rescue to Spain “is an option “, with advantages to disadvantages.

Among the former, he stressed that the separation between sovereign risk and financial risk would be clear, and between the latter it referred to the inevitable implementation of harsh fiscal and labor measures.

The analysis department of Banco Sabadell assumes intervention in the financial sector and points out that what remains to be defined is whether the “bank rescue” will be made through Spain (accompanied by loss of sovereignty and with an uncertain effect on the risk premium) or directly to banks in need through the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

The latter is not possible without changes , because this mechanism can not at the moment lend directly to the banks.

Greece vs Spanish financial sector

Barclays analysts, meanwhile, put both issues -Greece and the Spanish financial sector- at the same level, although they add a nuance.

Although they rule out Greece leaving the single currency in the “near future”, they do not completely dismiss that possibility, which would cause major upsets in the euro area.

With regard to the recapitalization of banks, they introduce Italy into the equation, and ensure that in neither country do politicians finish taking the necessary measures to guarantee the request for aid.

Increase investor concern

On the other hand, the concern for growth in Spain and Italy, as well as the signs of weaker growth in the US and China worry investors and have increased the volatility in the markets and triggered the risk premiums of sovereign debt. , according to the latest quarterly report of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), published this Sunday.

“The concern about a possible short-term negative impact on the growth of fiscal consolidation in Spain and the slow pace of labor market reforms and other structural reforms in Italy, were reflected in the increase in yields on sovereign bonds ” said the BPI.

“The optimism in the financial markets began to evaporate in the second half of March due to the return of concerns about the growth of the euro zone, especially in Spain and Italy, ” the BIS assures in the report on the situation of financial markets in the last three months.

He added that it was clear that “monetary policy actions alone would not be enough to solve the economic problems of the euro area.” The spreads on the sovereign bonds of Spain and Italy against the German public debt have widened considerably.

The fall of some indicators such as the purchasing managers’ index of the manufacturing sector and business confidence in the euro area also contributed to “a less positive growth picture for France and Germany”, the BPI adds, whose headquarters are located at Swiss city of Basel.

The BPI notes that “investors also withdrew when Standard & Poor’s downgraded to Spain and several of the country’s largest financial institutions on April 26.”

The downgrade of the rating of Spain’s sovereign debt two notes to BBB + was reflected in the auction of bonds worth 2,500 million euros on May 2, with an increase in interest rates of 140 basis points for terms shorts

“Over the past three months, the financial markets shifted their focus from the hope of global economic recovery to concern for Europe, ” according to the BBI.

Investor confidence improved substantially after the three-year refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (ECB). In addition, the hopes of a sustained economic recovery gained strength due to the good news from the United States and the strong growth of the emerging markets.

“However, towards the end of May, optimism gave way to doubts about European economic growth, the financial health of sovereigns and banks in the euro area, the effects of fiscal consolidation on growth and political stability within the region. the euro area, “says the BIS.

All this, together with the signs of a more fragile growth in the US and China worried investors and increased the volatility of international financial markets.

Market movements in May clearly indicated that political events in the euro area added significant uncertainty .

The euro began to depreciate strongly due to the political paralysis after the elections in Greece and the concern for a possible exit from the euro zone and its impact, as well as concern for Spanish banks.