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Thursday, 23.01.14 , written by Christian Hafler The manipulation scandal leaves a deep scratch on the image of the “Yellow Angel”. Consumers now doubt not only the accuracy of various ADAC tests. Many members like you have lost their confidence in the Automobile Club. Can you cancel the ADAC without

Mitgliedschaft beim ADAC kündigen: Kündigungsfrist beachten

Not only the ADAC helps with breakdowns and accidents

They belong to the nearly 19 million members that the ADAC still has. Many of them are shocked by the scandal surrounding the manipulated numbers of participants in the “Yellow Angel” award ceremony. Now, the uncertainty among them is spreading: Has the ADAC also cheated on winter tires or rest stops tests? Most ADAC members are now only clear that behind the friendly breakdown helpers is a large organization with lobby interests. But if you want to quit the ADAC, you can not do this without further ado.

Announce at the ADAC: You should pay attention to this

To terminate membership of the ADAC is possible for you on one condition: observing the notice period of three months to the end of the contribution year. “Cancellation of the ADAC membership can only be done in writing and only at the end of the contribution period with a quarterly period”, it says in the ADAC regulations. If you have just transferred your annual subscription to the Automobile Club, you will probably have to wait a year.

A special right of termination due to the manipulation scandal does not apply. This view is the legal expert of the SWR, Klaus Hempel. “A contract can only terminate without notice if it is unreasonable for one that the contract continues,” explains Hempel.Da the award ceremony, however, has nothing to do with the membership contract, you must not have the right to a termination without notice .

The ADAC termination can be formulated as follows:
“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hereby cancel my ADAC membership at the earliest opportunity. Please send me the cancellation confirmation in writing.
Sincerely, Max Mustermann “

The ADAC cancellation is received by mail, preferably by registered letter: ADAC, member service, 81360 Munich. Or by fax at 089-76766346.

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AvD as a cheap alternative to the ADAC

If you are now dissatisfied with the ADAC in the course of the ongoing discussion, you can cancel regularly. Because there are not only the “yellow angels” who come to help with breakdowns and accidents. For example, the Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) is a low-cost alternative. For just under 65 euros a year, the AvD offers global roadside assistance. The ADAC, on the other hand, only helps across Europe – but only to members who have a more expensive ADAC “Plus membership” (84 euros per year). In addition, AvD members benefit from the free medical repatriation, should this become necessary after an accident. The AvD is with one million members Germany’s second largest automobile club.

Costs and benefits in comparison

Another possibility is the European Automobile Club (ACE). The club has around 580,000 members. Slightly smaller are the automobile club Verkehr (ACV, 300,000 members) and the car and travel club Germany (ARCD, 100,000 members). When comparing the performance of each provider in detail, you will find that they differ only slightly from each other. It is striking, however, that ADAC Plus members currently pay most for their service. For some of them, that may be reason enough to give notice to the ADAC.

Breakdown and accident assistance without ADAC: motor vehicle protection certificate makes it possible

Are you just for accident and roadside assistance at the ADAC? What many do not know: You do not have to go into a club for that. For the towing or recovery of your car and help with breakdowns and accidents often enough a so-called motor vehicle protection letter . Many automakers and insurance companies offer these for little money. In general, the benefits of insurance are even the cheaper alternative, says Peter Grieble of the consumer center Baden-Württemberg. Compared to the Tagesspiegel, Grieble explains that this module often only costs ” a few euros “. Depending on the provider, the benefits of a motor vehicle protection certificate are similar to those of good automobile membership, for example with regard to repatriation. However, what a letter of protection actually does, you will learn directly from the motor insurance.

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