Credit cards or a quick loan

Credit cards can be very beneficial. With them we can buy those products that we want and whose price is higher than our current liquidity. And it is that thanks to the benefit of the fees we can buy and pay them intelligently. See for an illustration

On the other hand are fast loans; The latter allow us to see the cash in our hands and we can do whatever we want with them. In this note I tell you more about both credits.

Loans for emergencies or planned expenses

Loans for emergencies or planned expenses

Fast loans, those that can be requested online or in person with your ID are perfect when you have an emergency and can not wait to go through a tedious paperwork. Also when you have planned expenses and are able to repay the loan in the shortest possible time (that way high interest rates are reduced).

Applying for them is very easy and they are usually online loans. These are accessed after filling out a form and with the condition of:

  • Have a good credit history.
  • Be of age.
  • Have a mobile phone at hand, in addition to a bank account.

Credit cards for necessary expenses

Credit cards for necessary expenses

In the face of fast loans, credit cards usually have higher interests, so when using it, payments should be considered in the shortest possible time to avoid increasing the debt. The best use you can give to a credit card, in case you don’t have Oberoncia, is for essential expenses.

If you will use it to give you certain tastes it is better that you think twice and never use them if you have the cash to pay what you need, unless you want to accumulate points or benefits and it will not take long to pay.

After knowing all this, what have you decided to use? Whatever your decision do not forget to plan in detail. Keeping a personal budget will be a great help to not seriously affect your finances.

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