5 ways to earn extra money right now

5 ways to earn extra money right now

Unless you are very lucky, it is quite likely that during the last decade you have noticed the effects of the global financial crisis and have gone through financial hardship. In fact, most of us still suffer its consequences, with wages growing at a rate much lower than that of inflation.

In Spain, wages lost 10% of purchasing power during the crisis. And the forecasts are not much better since during this year wages are expected to grow only half as much as prices, which in turn means that the purchasing power of Spaniards will also fall.

Thus, with the gap between income and cost of living increase on each payroll, many people are beginning to look for ways to earn extra money to supplement their salaries or simply deal with unforeseen expenses. However, unless you have enough free time to get a second job, it is not an easy task. A full-time job, family responsibilities, hobbies, and social life leave no room for much more.

But what if you could get a little extra money without sacrificing too much of your time? Better yet, if you could do it with minimal expense and effort? Even from home. We present Help For-parents pdl payday loans on how to get money from home or in your free time.

1. Sell what you do not use

Image result for garage saleSelling objects that you no longer use not only gives you a little extra money but also frees up a precious space at home. Space that, who knows, maybe you can use in the future in activities that also give money.

Take a look around you, surely you have a few forgotten things at home without which you could survive perfectly. For example, sports equipment that you bought with all the good intentions but you have only used a couple of times. Unless you really want to go back to golf, sell those clubs while they are still worth money.

You can also get rid of old or outdated clothes (better if you call it vintage ). There are branded clothes that are sure to be worth money, put them on sale on the internet and see what you get. If you have clothes that you think are not worth too much, you can pack them and sell them to the weight in a clothing recycling store. If they exist! Check if there is any near where you live.

The same goes for children’s clothes, toys, trolleys, tacatacas or chairs that your baby no longer uses. Put it on sale on pages like eBay and you’re sure to get something out.


2. Give classes

A good way to earn extra money is by selling your knowledge, skills or experience through classes. That is, becoming a teacher. It can be about something related to your profession or about a hobby that you love.

You can organize personal classes or for small groups about anything: running, yoga, cooking, music, etc … it all depends on what you teach, but in principle you only need some equipment or a place, and those expenses could cover them with the new money that you win Remember that for some activities you may need insurance.


3. Manufactures and sells crafts

If you are lucky enough to be creative, you can get some extra money for doing crafts. Take a look at Etsy, where thousands of people show and sell the objects they make. Some people even dedicate themselves to this full-time.

There you can find crafts of all kinds: centerpieces and wedding invitations, original gifts, home decorations, t-shirt designs, jewelry, hand-woven clothes, custom furniture and original works of art.

In addition to Etsy, there are many other marketplaces where to sell these objects, such as Ezebee. You can also get in touch with a local craft fair, temporary markets or independent stores. As you can see, there is no shortage of options for your art.


4. Rent a room on AirBnB

Do you have a room that you do not use (for example, the one you emptied after reading point 1 of this post)? Try renting it for days on AirBnB. There are many tourists, especially young people, who do not even look for rooms in hotels, they go directly to AirBnB. And there you will be to offer your room equipped for very little with second-hand furniture. You will earn extra money every month and you will also have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It’s not a bad idea, right?


5. Become a mystery customer

<strong>5. Become a mystery customer</strong>

Surely you’ve ever read it: the mystery shopper or mystery shopper visits stores to evaluate and report on his experience and the attention he has received. And yes, they pay you for it. It depends a lot on where you go and what the business is, but they usually cover your expenses and there are times when they let you keep what you have bought. There is a variant of people who go to restaurants, eat, and then leave their opinion about the quality of the food or service. And aside from the money, hey, a free meal is a free meal.

Being a mystery customer is not as easy as it seems. You need to have a good memory and be able to observe all the details. Accurate exactly what you have to evaluate, the questions you have to ask and discover the name of the person who assisted you or knows how to describe it accurately. And all this without it being too obvious and exposing you!